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The taste of Spain at the tempo of Tempranillo.

HISTORY A few rows of Tempranillo inspire a very rare vintage of a few bottles of this pure grape variety, as a reminder of my Andalusian origins. Karm means in Arabic: the intimate garden in homage to the sublime gardens of the Alhambra Palace.

GRAPE VARIETIES 100% Tempranillo

TERROIR Ancient garrigue clearings, very calcareous land, presence of calcareous slate. Some Tempranillo vines in massal selection.

CLIMATE Mediterranean, hot and dry. The rows are exposed to the north-west

VINIFICATION "Search for maturity. Tempranillo is the earliest red grape variety. It is a very woody grape variety, with beautiful bunches of grapes, but the tannins must be very ripe to avoid an overly rustic character. Hand-picked in 12 kg crates. Vatting in whole bunches for 15 to 20 days; pressing in a small vertical press, press and free run juice assembly. Slow alcoholic fermentation in small vats. "

AGEING "In vats for 15 months. Racking. We are looking for bottle ageing to offer this cuvée in older vintages. "

TASTING Intense colour which can then take on beautiful coppery notes. Very fine aromas of flowers, wild notes of leather, black fruits, bramble wood. In the mouth it is very delicate and offers fine and silky tannins but with a very particular grainy finish.

GASTRONOMY Valencian paella; Grilled entrecote; Squid ink risotto; Cheese and deli boards; Grilled red and white meat; Grandmothers' pâtés and terrines

SERVICE 16 - 17 °C

POTENTIAL Exceptional ageing potential between 10 and 20 years with a structure that is becoming more refined and tannins that are becoming very soft.

CERTIFICATION AB Organic Agriculture