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Rita - Domaine Mylène Bru - Vin nature - Vin de guarrigue

Domaine Mylène Bru


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The wine of my childhood

HISTORY "My grandfathers in the Corbières used to vinify pure Carignan harvested in wooden barrels, then macerated, whole bunches in very large chestnut tuns. In homage to one of my grandmothers and to the cult of Saint Rita in Sète, this 100% Carignan cuvée evokes childhood and cinema. Catherine Deneuve loves Rita very much!"


TERROIR Old Carignans over 60 years old. Two sloping plots of pure limestone bordered by a small wood of very wild garrigue called the "Rompues" because people used to "break" their backs there using a pickaxe.

CLIMATE Mediterranean, hot and dry. Due north, swept by the dominant tramontane.

VINIFICATION "Search for maturity. Carignan is the latest grape variety, the one that does not fear drought. Hand harvested in 12 kg boxes. Vatting in whole bunches from 15 days to 1 month; pressing in a small vertical press, wooden cages with Esparto natural fibre scourtins. Press and free run assembly. Slow alcoholic fermentation in small vats. "

AGEING In vats for 15/18 months, regular racking, sometimes with light aeration. Natural clarification of the wine which settles gently during the winter.

TASTING The whole bunch maceration brings softness, freshness and fruit to this powerful and typically Mediterranean grape variety. Deep ppurple colour. Strong scents of warm garrigue, medicinal plants, mint, thyme... complex character, sometimes oriental and surprising freshness in the mouth.

GASTRONOMY Fresh tagliatelle with shredded beef-sauce; Grilled entrecote; Squid ink risotto; Grandmother's pâtés and terrines; All chocolate desserts

SERVICE 16 - 17 °C

POTENTIAL Great ageing potential. Between 7 and 12 years old. Can be decanted into a carafe to "open" the wine and allow it to gain in fruit and suppleness.

CERTIFICATION AB Organic Agriculture